Our Philosophy at Juvenescence is to foster the growth and development of children’s social, physical, emotional and mental well-being through play and recreation and to further a sense of responsibility within the community.

Health and wellness through play and recreation are the focus of the program where we plan activities to expand on children’s interests. Daily activities include group games, outdoor play, arts & crafts, photography, dramatic play, floor toys, clubs and more.

At Juvenescence, children are given the opportunity to participate in individual, small group, large group and leadership activities. Group activities encourage a child’s social development and ability to cooperate, compromise, and resolve conflict with various groups of peers. Each child is supported and encouraged by Leaders and peers in their emotional growth and development. Healthy active lifestyles, physical growth, and development are encouraged through a variety of activities including: group games, park and outdoor play. Participation by the children in the program development is encouraged by Leaders. Leaders engage children in critical thinking, problem solving, riddles, challenges and trivia by presenting them in a fun context. Creative needs are met with a variety of activities such as: dramatic play, photography, cooking, arts & crafts, themes and self-directed play. A voluntary homework club is available to support children in their learning objective and goals.

Children have opportunity for group activity and free play and are encouraged to give their input on what they would like to learn and play at Juvenescence.